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cip code for accounting

CTE V-Codes are tied to the certification code and dictate the courses that a teacher is certified to teach. The teachers’ education or industry experience is reviewed to determine the V-codes for certification. AI presents opportunities for cost optimization in manufacturingArtificial intelligence and machine learning can drive more efficient operations and more effective growth for manufacturers. Here’s how the technology is being used to monitor for defects, schedule preventive maintenance and improve forecasting accuracy. Watch the archive of our October 2021 Faculty Hour for more information and hear about two programs that have successfully changed their CIP codes to ones on the DHS approved list. CIP has a significant impact on financial reporting as it affects the balance sheet and income statement.

cip code for accounting

Educators are now faced with the challenge of meeting this growing need and consider how to best prepare our graduates of higher education accounting programs. This page has been created to provide you with resources as you consider how STEM legislation in the K-12 arena and the potential for having your accounting program designated as a STEM program will impact you. In 1980, AACSB adopted supplemental accounting standards for schools that wanted an elevated quality assurance system for their accounting cip accounting programs, and in 1982, the first schools received supplemental accounting accreditation. As the name implies, supplemental accounting accreditation is a complement to business accreditation. Currently, 194 schools in 10 countries and territories have earned the association’s accounting accreditation. We continue to refine our processes, most recently through a pilot program designed for schools that are seeking supplemental accounting accreditation along with regular business accreditation.

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We also expect these volunteers to have either teaching experience or an understanding of university processes and governance. Any instructional program in administrative and secretarial services not listed above. For example, the debt-to-equity ratio may increase during the construction phase due to increased borrowing for project funding. Additionally, metrics like return on assets (ROA) may fluctuate as CIP balances change.

One of the most powerful ways that AACSB bolsters the field of accounting is through advocacy—by speaking out on important issues and working toward necessary solutions. This is followed by the 4-digit series, composed of 421 categories, and the final level 6-digit series which is composed of 1,847 classifications. Gain access to exclusive content, AICPA benefits and scholarship opportunities.


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